What to Expect

From a Tarot Reading Session

When we shuffle the cards we create a personal book. Now the deck holds your story, waiting to be told.

  • A Tarot reading session is a form of self care.

  • We enter into a 3 way conversation between You, The Cards, and I. 

  • Your reading session is an opportunity to be clearly and compassionately met

  • This is that conversation you’ve been wanting to have.

Are you baffled by your situation? Need some clarity about where you are and how you got there?

We can look at the forces at play.

Are you in a challenging relationship at home, at work, or with the world?  

We can see the dynamics and test out possible solutions.  

Are looking for a little feedback or guidance?  

We can mastermind strategies for wellbeing and compare tactics for likelihood of success.

Feeling stuck and defeated?  

We can locate the point of power where you might pivot.  

Book a Reading Session

Tarot Sessions: In our Tarot Sessions, with a little guidance, you find it natural to read your own cards. As a result you will experience the message they hold as a feeling/knowing. Building your connection to your spirit and it’s visions that support your peace, joy and health.

This innovative twist on Tarot readings is the result of a number of discoveries I made over 40 years of reading the cards for others.

The first discovery is that each person has a unique, personal, and to my mind, sacred relationship with their own spirit.  Visions are one of the languages of this spirit.  When we put the interpretation of our visions in someone else’s hands, we give away the power and support we could receive from intimately building and at times testing the language and information that is coming to us directly from spirit. 

The second discovery came through my teaching.  Throughout my teaching, I have found a natural, conversational approach to coax people to uncover the reading for themselves.  This kind of prompting has become second nature to me.  Together we determine what part of the layout to explore, and what the symbols are saying.  The experience is natural, powerful and satisfying.  No previous experience with the cards is required, nor is previous experience a hindrance.  Whatever previous experience you may or may not have, you are invited to book a Tarot Session.

The third discovery is that when a reading is done for someone, thought forms or images can be transferred to their  mind, taking them on a detour, rather than a direct route of visceral understanding.  This will not happen in a Tarot Session.  You will have a direct line to the information both at the verbal and preverbal or feeling/knowing level.  This kind of experienced understanding will support you much more completely than any outer information, no matter how accurate. It will support you in making the kind of connection to your own spirit that fosters an experience of peace, joy and health.

If there is an area of particular challenge, we can work with one of my time tested processes to support you in a deep shift regarding the situation and empower you to continue to work with it in your life, even after the reading ends. 

Reading Sessions Are:

  • Personalized supportive guidance

  • An empowering change of perspective

  • An invitation to ask any question on your mind

  • A chance to compare and contrast opportunities or choices

  • A way to bring fresh energy into a stale situation

  • A birds eye, or behind the scenes view of your situation

  • A way to celebrate a milestone or birthday

  • A lovely gift to give someone

Reading Session Are Not:

  • A magical prediction of the future

  • Dangerous, scary or ill advised

  • Tapping into strange or unknown powers

  • Where you find out who you will marry and when

  • A place to get the winning lotto numbers

  • A replacement for healthcare

  • The cards telling you what to do

  • A place to gossip or get into other people's business

  • A fortune teller experience

  • A way to contact people from beyond