Of a Tarot Session or Class

In-Person Reading Sessions:

  • Currently available in Napa, CA.

  • Masks are required.

  • Bring your Tarot Deck if you have one.

Virtual Reading Sessions:

  • As long as we are meeting virtually, you will need access to WIFI and be able to join us on Zoom from your location. For most virtual reading sessions we will be able to see each other and the cards.

  • Be sure you are in a private and quiet place where you feel free to talk about anything or anyone, and can focus.

  • What happens in class, stays in class.  

  • Have some art supplies handy, a few colored pens or pencils and some blank index cards or blank note paper. 

  • Have your Tarot Deck with you. 

  • Bring note taking materials if you want to have them.  

Setting the Space

When it is time for your reading session, find a quiet space where you can be undisturbed.  You should feel free to say anything, or make any sound. It’s not a bad idea to have some tea, water, and/or kleenex handy. You may want note taking supplies on hand as well.

Get what you came for

If you can, take a moment to center yourself, before the appointment. Have a list of your questions ready, and be prepared to ask them, even if they begin to sound stupid or it seems they were already answered.


Zoom allows us to see each other and the cards, and record if you wish. You do not need to turn on your video if you prefer not to. Note: despite our best efforts, Occasionally technical difficulties may make it necessary to employ other options. Often I can record, and send you the video after the reading session.


I will send you an invoice through square. Please pay before your appointment start time. 


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