Virtual Tarot Class

Exploring the Tree of Life and the Major Arcana

February 4, 2021 7:00 PM
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Unlock the key to the Major Arcana and more.

How does understanding the tree empower your card readings and self care?

The Major Arcana reveal the overarching influences in your life and the Tree of Life decodes their meaning.

You wouldn't plan an important event without checking the weather.

Rain, sun, snow, wind, alone or in combination are overarching influences.  They could affect both the nature of the event you are planning as well as the logistics involved.

The Weather as an overarching influence, impacts, yet doesn't define the specifics of your day.

The Teen Years, is another example of an overarching influence.  So are being Unemployed, Winning the Lotto, Having Cancer or Falling in love.  

Overarching influences are important things to take into account when navigating a life challenge.

The cards are like having a coach in your pocket.

Aware and attuned to you and your needs.  Your deck speaks to you, in the energetic language of images.

The Tree of Life is a Rosetta stone for your deck. It organizes this same language in it's formation.

I share the Tree in plain english, using relatable examples and fun activities.  All so you can recognize this blueprint, at work in your life, as something you already know.  

I love teaching people to read the Tarot directly from the cards, without looking anything up in a book.  The tree is a shortcut to that process.

Knowing the tree will give you just enough information to activate your intuition.

If I tell you my neighbor is a teenager, you probably have an image of a teenager in your head.  I have stimulated your knowing in a way that still leaves lots of room for you to get to know who they are.

I haven't  defined them for you, like a juicy piece of gossip might.  Yet what I have told you is an important piece of information.  It will impact how you weigh, work with, and interpret your personal assessment of who they are.

The tree is the clearest quickest shortcut I know to understanding the Major Arcana. That would be reason enough to learn it.  Yet there are other ways in which this understanding can enrich your life.

Because your Tarot deck needs to guide and support you in any situation, it has to contain every situation.

The whole deck can be found on the tree, which also contains all of creation.  Being able to recognize a moment in your life as a location on the tree, clarifies your understanding, Illuminates your past and future and connects you as a part of a larger life pattern.

If you know the tree, you know the whole deck.  The four elements are the four worlds, the numbers in each suit, are each of the numbered spheres. The face cards are the specific spheres of kingdom, beauty, understanding and wisdom, and the Majors are the pathways between the spheres.  Understanding the Tree gives you a no book tarot book.

I love sharing these empowering shortcuts with you.

What to expect

What: A fun, informative and enriching zoom class experience, with a dedicated camera for the cards.  
When: February 4th 7 PM PST  
Why: To harness the power of the Majors and get acquainted with the wisdom of the tree.
Where: from the comfort of your own home or office.  Secure a quiet location that will allow you to focus for an hour.

Have on hand:

  • some simple art supplies, like colored pens or pencils
  • a few pieces of paper. at least 2ea.  one page that is the normal 8.5x11 plus either a blank index card, or another piece of paper.
  • your hand outs
  • to the best of your ability cull your Major arcana from your deck into a separate pile.
  • From that pile pull out the most challenging cards, as well as your favorite cards.  Have these handy.

The Class Structure: Class is presented live. It is a lecture with participation format.
We have a lot of material to cover, and will try to get it all in. I will do my best to leave 5 minutes at the end for Q and A, though I invite participation from time to time as we go and will incorporate answers to your questions when possible, as they arise.

Count me in!

What will I learn?

This course is designed to support you in being able to:

  • Summarize the main energy for any of the spheres on the tree.
  • Explain any Major Arcana card based on it's position on the tree.
  • Differentiate your Major cards from the others
  • Fearlessly read any Major card
  • Be able to speak confidently about Majors that used to confuse or scare you.
  • Relate the meaning of your card to real world experiences.

Note: The class will be recorded and will become the property of Leslie Silver.  If you do not wish to be recorded let me know.  I will have you put your wishes in writing so I can reference them if I ever use the recording for anything other than honing my skills.
Bonus! As a student you are invited to join my closed face book group.  You can post question, share insights and make connections with the rest of our fabulous tribe there.
How: Get the conversation started. e mail me or click on the enroll link above.  Make your $35.00 payment by Venmo or request an invoice to pay through square.
Once payment is received, the zoom link, hand outs and other information will follow.


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