Tarot Class as a Hosted Event

Celebrate, Gather, Explore.

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Gather your friends. Celebrate your loved ones.

Create a one of a kind memory for you and your family. This is an event you put together, for a celebration, family, reunion, or group of friends. A 30 minute planning session to customize the class, resulting in a one hour class geared to your invitees, expertise, goals  and questions.  

Make your special event amazing!


“Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts so generously with me (always) and my friends. I am so grateful for the gift of you in my life.“

Until further notice all classes are Virtual and will be hosted live, on line.  

Since readings are a natural part of class work and  I invite any conversation, I need to let you know that due to my Acupuncturists license I am a mandated reporter.  This probably won’t affect your Tarot inquiry,  and you should be aware of my responsibilities.  Find out more about what that means here.