Pre-Teen Classes

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Shorter classes geared toward the pre-teen life experience, language and concerns.

  • Fun and flexible teaching style
  • Relatable content
  • Give your pre teen the tools that can support them for life
  • Guide your budding teen to transform their sensitivity into a superpower. 


"I’m feeling interested in Tarot. Leslie makes it easy to understand things. I feel safe and comfortable around her. I learned that each of the suites represents a different element. I look into what I feel now, what this is inside of me, and what is the solution. This knowledge makes me feel more confident and I can conquer that feeling.”

Until further notice all classes are Virtual and will be hosted live, on line.  

Since readings are a natural part of class work and  I invite any conversation, I need to let you know that due to my Acupuncturists license I am a mandated reporter.  This probably won’t affect your Tarot inquiry,  and you should be aware of my responsibilities.  Find out more about what that means here.