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Support for the challenging moments

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Benefit, from my nearly 40 years, experience with the cards. Are there cards that still baffle you? Have you recently gotten stuck in a reading, not knowing what to say? Let’s review your cards, your situation, and untangle the confusion.

What to Expect:

  • Get the support you need.  
  • Revitalize your confidence
  • Access my tools processes and worksheets.
  • Review your situation
  • Untangle the confusion
  • Bring pictures, or recreate the moment


“Ideas of value that I have learned or expanded on: Keep my mind open and trust myself. How to use and create layouts. I am feeling: Before mentorship: safe, apprehensive, curious, uncertain. After Mentorship: confident, heard, happy. Better, more inspired to work with my cards.“

Until further notice all classes are Virtual and will be hosted live, on line.  

Since readings are a natural part of class work and  I invite any conversation, I need to let you know that due to my Acupuncturists license I am a mandated reporter.  This probably won’t affect your Tarot inquiry,  and you should be aware of my responsibilities.  Find out more about what that means here.