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When you shuffle the deck, you create a personal book. Now the cards hold your story, waiting to be told. What if you had a book, and every time you opened it, it told you just what you needed to know? Wouldn’t you want to know how to read that book? Learn to read directly from your cards with confidence.

You will learn how to:

  • Activate your intuition
  • Confirm your hunches
  • Read directly from your cards with confidence
  • Private instruction customized to your learning style


“I have been Thinking of the Value of Tarot, it is hard to pinpoint. What I have learned is that the cards confirm what I am feeling deep down. So, in a way it is making me trust my gut more. I really like the classes because of you, like I said before, I always learn something when you talk. And it’s really fun. And I am still surprised when cards always seem to be right.“

Until further notice all classes are Virtual and will be hosted live, on line.  

Since readings are a natural part of class work and  I invite any conversation, I need to let you know that due to my Acupuncturists license I am a mandated reporter.  This probably won’t affect your Tarot inquiry,  and you should be aware of my responsibilities.  Find out more about what that means here.