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Activate your Intuition.  Find your Tribe.  Confirm your hunches and Empower your personal journey. 

This Group class offers the A-Z of Tarot for you. 7 Classes, each 90 minutes long. 
Take the leap!

You will learn how to:

  • Choose your deck
  • Prepare yourself, the cards and the space
  • Read any card in any deck, even playing cards.
  • Understand the meanings of the numbers, the elements and the face cards.
  • Recognize the tree of life as a key to unlock the meaning of the cards
  • Understand the overarching life forces reflected in the Major Arcana.
  • Choose or create the right layout for each reading.

Through this class students find: personal insights, confidence, social connection and a deeper relationship to the Tarot. New and experienced readers attending together all find value. We all learn from each other. Private facebook group membership included.


"I wanted an overview of Tarot. I got that and much more. No unmet objectives. It was informative & fun. The information was presented clearly and with patience. I loved the class. It was a great class. The group was good and Leslie an excellent teacher!" -Tracy Cushing

Until further notice all classes are Virtual and will be hosted live, on line.  

Since readings are a natural part of class work and  I invite any conversation, I need to let you know that due to my Acupuncturists license I am a mandated reporter.  This probably won’t affect your Tarot inquiry,  and you should be aware of my responsibilities.  Find out more about what that means here.

Online group classes are being formed.

Let me know if you are interested in joining us.

Meanwhile check out the current offerings under Events.