Confidently Read Tarot, for yourself and others, without looking anything up in a book.

Unlike other Tarot Teaching systems, you will find this approach fun, illuminating and intuitive.

  • We are not memorizing the cards.

  • We are not looking anything up in a book.

  • We discover some easy, relatable references, creating a clear foundation for wisdom.

Group Classes

Read with confidence

To A-Z of Tarot for you. Activate your Intuition. Find your Tribe. Empower your personal journey. Deepen your “me” time. Sharpen your hunches.

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Tarot Class as a Hosted Event

Celebrate, Gather, Explore.

Gather your friends. Celebrate your loved ones. Create a one of a kind memory for you and your family. This is an event you put together, for a celebration, family, reunion, or group of friends.

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Individual Instruction

Read your personal book

When you shuffle the deck, you create a personal book. Now the cards hold your story, waiting to be told. I will show you how to read directly from the cards with confidence.

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Pre-Teen Classes

Give them the world!

Shorter classes geared toward the pre-teen life experience, language and concerns. A wonderful way to guide a budding teen to transform their sensitivity into a superpower.

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Individual Mentorship

Support for the challenging moments

Are there cards that still baffle you? Have you recently gotten stuck in a reading, not knowing what to say? Let’s review your cards, your situation, and untangle the confusion. 

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“Tarot is a new life love for me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and approach. So glad I got my time with you.“