Understanding the Face Cards

Leslie Silver
April 9, 2021
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If you have seen the movie ,The Devil Wears Prada, then you can recognize the quality of power that each of these characters holds.

Notice how the person speaking, changes the meaning, impact and experience of this simple request.

Consider Ann Hathaway's character , Andrea when she first arrives.  Think of her saying "get me a coffee".

What happens when she does? Maybe a confused head shake, a smirk or an eye roll from Emily.  This response reflects the Quality of Power, or the QOP. that Andrea holds at that time.

Emily Blunt plays Emily, the woman who is Andreas supervisor.  If she says "Get me a coffee."  What happens?

It depends on who else is in the room.  If it is just Andrea, she would get the coffee for Emily.  Most anyone else's response would likely be a laugh, an eye roll, or even a rebuke.

The  phrase is always the same, the impact depends on the QOP of the speaker.

Stanley Tucci plays Nigel, Andrea's mentor.  Consider him saying the same phrase and notice the impact.

And then of course we have Meryl Streep's character Miranda, at the top of the power pyramid.  Notice what happens when she speaks the same words. Everybody jumps.

If you want to take your readings to the next level, you must understand, not only the message the cards have for you, but also the Quality Of Power with which they are delivering it.  

When the Face cards show up in a layout, they give you this next level insight into the meaning of the reading as a whole.

Our next Tarot class will be held on 5/13.  6:30 PM  90 minutes  $50.00.  Live on Zoom.

We will delve into the meaning of the Face cards.  How to determine if they reflect a person or a dynamic and How to interpret them in a reading.

I am also planning a Spring Tarot Lab Live on Zoom. Where we will spend 90 minutes putting everything we have been learning into practice.  Date and time TBD.