Tarot As A Spiritual Practice, The Unexpected Twists and Turns When Spirit Leads.

Leslie Silver
July 6, 2021
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There is a shift in my relationship to the cards. My commitment is to continue to deliver that relationship honestly, authentically, and and in a way that empowers all of us, In our own authenticity and nourishing relationships, to both the seen and the unseen worlds.

I invite you to join the adventure.

The cards have A song to sing and I am here to support you in hearing their songs for yourself & facilitate their message to you in a way that empowers your ability to move from love in your life

The point of reading the cards is not to get answers, but to discover your own answers. An invitation to dance your wholeness to their song.

With a question or request for a general reading. The cards respond, in the language of the four elements, each reflecting an aspect of the embodied self. In concert with the Major Arcana, reflecting larger forces influencing those selves.

A wholistic relationship To the comings and going’s of each element, invites connectedness to an in-alienable wellness. A peace that is, even as each of these elements cycles through its creation phases. The dance, the dancer, and the dancing express the music and the listener/watcher is found.

I invite you to come to the cards not for answers, but rather to engage in a call and response co-creation.

What I love most is guiding you in speaking the cards yourself without telling you what any of them mean. I am working on formats to make this experience more accessible to everyone who would care to engage in it.  Stay tuned, new things are on the horizon.