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Leslie Silver
March 13, 2021
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Empowerment Tarot

Using your deck for self healing, personal growth and wellness.

Join me on clubhouse.


Carine Camara and I will be opening our room for 1 minute Wellness Breakthrough Readings.

Join us for a powerful combined reading.  An intuitive reading from Carine and a Card reading from me.
We will be hosting this room every other Tuesday at 3:30.  We did this a few weeks ago and it was a big hit!

I am hosting a room on Tuesday March 16th at 9:00 AM called Tarot Empowerment; Shuffle your deck for wellness.

Learn how to get what you need from your Tarot Deck.
Bring your questions and your deck.
Get your missing pieces:
Learn new layouts.
Discover ways of approaching questions.
Clarify the meanings of difficult cards.

In Other news, my first ever Tarot Website just went live.  Still in Beta, I am sure there will be fine tuning.

Explore freely, I would love to hear from you.
Just a Note: The Group classes is a placeholder for the online course I am creating.
Our monthly classes will be found under events.
I still need to add the one coming on April 1 2021 on the Elements.
Check out my first ever Tarot Website! (https://www.stillpointtarot.com/)

The Tarot Lab was a great success


Congratulations to those of you who did your first reading for another person in the lab.  Also a great shout out and Congrats to those who did their first reading after the lab, inspired by what they had experienced.

We will definitely schedule another one.  Probably every other month.  Meanwhile bring your questions to our facebook page, or my clubhouse room.

Our next class is on the Elements; The dominant power at work.


Thursday April 1st.  6:30 PM PST.  $50.00.
Let me know if you would like to attend.

The four elements, relate to the four worlds, the face cards and the four suits of our Tarot Decks.

Link to Tarot Empowerment Clubhouse event.  » (https://www.joinclubhouse.com/event/mJXkDkYo)

Link to 1 Minute Wellness Breakthrough Readings Clubhouse event.  (https://www.joinclubhouse.com/event/MzYo00D9)

The Elements, the Dominant energy impacting you.


Fire: Kings; Wands: Spiritual realm.
Water: Queens; Cups: Emotional realm.
Air: Knights; Swords: Mental realm.
Earth: Pages; Discs; Material realm.

Are these four realms in balance in your life?  Or is one dominant, and another barely present?

Check your day today, are activities that feature each of these elements in you schedule?  Do you think your wellness would improve if they were?

The elements and the numbers form the dynamic duo of the deck and unlock the meaning of almost any card.

Understanding the elements has so much to offer.  Understanding them, you can not only read your cards, but recognize the simple recipe for healing that is waiting in the balance.