Beyond balancing the four elements

Leslie Silver
July 8, 2021
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We recognize a sort of feeling of trust or safety withcharacters in plays and movies that are logical, rational processors such asSpock, or Data from the Star Trek series. We reward and respect mental acuity without considering the costsinvolved in over reliance on this function.

Thoughts, however logical they may be are still phantoms.

We fear those who are reckless and impulsive and compelled,and that is the other over compensated end of the spectrum.

Somewhere in the center, is the balance of an aware selfthrough life, breathing, being and open.


The attraction of using thought to process your world, is afeeling of control and safety that comes from a sense of understanding and afalse security from the conviction that you will be able to put, and then keep,everything in it’s place.  All of itunderstood, so you can find your strategy for dealing with it.  All of it defined and sorted.  In the reflection of all this stability youfind your identity.

The four elements of Tarot can form the four rooms of yourhouse or being.  

The spiritual room, emotional room, mental room andphysical room.  Health is when theserooms are in balance.  So, if your mentalroom is overactive, which rooms are underutilized and how would you like tobalance them?

Notice how this questions keeps everything in place.  You are still dealing with the known world,organizing and moving things around, balancing them and defining youridentity.  So, as much as this is awisdom step, it is still a small one.

The invitation today is to take a leap.


A move that transcends these four rooms of your house.  A place that moves from connectedness to aflow.  An instinctual, natural,integrated flow.  A kind of 5th thingthat arises in a kind of peaceful silence when the rooms are equally invited tothe party.  A kind of spontaneous,inspired dance response.  It may or maynot be spiritual, emotional, logical or material, and yet it is open to any andall of the above.  The one characteristicit has, is that it is dancing as the unknowable with the unknown.

It is not about sorting, controlling and strategizing.  Nor is it about rebelling or pushing into a “freedom”.

It is about a response that comes from your wholebeing.  That you don’t plan, orunderstand, or control.  It is not compulsive,it is not grasping, it is not filled with adrenaline.  It has no past, no future.  Nothing to run from or toward.  Just a being in the moment, like a tree, withthe sap moving through it, extending up through its trunk to the sky, it’sbranches outward and it’s roots downward all at the same time.  No strategy, just being and the life forcemovement that enlivens and guides it. Aware and responsive, still and graceful.


That is your invitation today.  If it seems like a good first step, balanceyour four rooms.  Or skip that step, andsimply be open to visiting any one of them at any given time.  Then get as still and quiet on the inside asyou need to, in order to connect with the silent music of the life force thatanimates you.  Invite a true spontaneityinto your life.  Let the part of you thatis in an unbroken relationship with life’s music begin to move you without youknowing where you are going.  Notice ajoy bubbling up, a sense that the order of everything is not your worry noryour job, just this connection, this awareness, this openness to what is, andwhat comes to be known through it. That is your area of focus.


Am I aware?

Am I connected?

Am I free?

What do I know to do now?


Just a simple call and response between the unknowable andthe awareness of being.


Drop me a line, let me know how the adventure is going.